What’s at the Market: Nov. 17, 2017

Thanksgiving is just under a week away! Like many people, you may be behind on your shopping. Do not worry, though: the West Allis Farmers Market has as all the fresh fruits, veggies, desserts, and meats you are looking for to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

brussels sprouts west allis farmers market
Brussels sprouts are nutritious and delicious! If you’ve only had them steamed or boiled and didn’t care for them, try roasting or sauteing them for best flavor.

The Market’s selection of Brussels sprouts, squash, carrots, parsnips, and potatoes can create a perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner. Roast all of the veggies together to make a classic mixed dish or serve them on their own. Brussels sprouts with bacon, sweet glazed carrots and turnips, or caramelized butternut squash are just a few of the countless dish ideas you can create through shopping at the Market.

Looking for a different option than turkey this Thanksgiving, or feeding a large crowd? Make sure to check out our family-owned vendor, Fer-Li Farm, from Pickett, Wisconsin. Priding themselves on raising healthy, free-range, hormone and pesticide free animals, Fer-Li offers quality cuts of beef, such as steaks and roasts, as well as cuts of pork, like roasts and ham, and whole or half chickens. Switch up traditions and try something new. Fer-Li’s flavorful, tender meat will add variety to any Thanksgiving meal.

The best- and the sweetest- is always saved for last. Come see what dessert options the Market has to offer for your thanksgiving meal. Pick up tasty apple pies and fritters from Apple Holler, one of our local vendors. If you like to bake, make your own homemade apple goodies with our market’s wide selection of apples. Give a classic apple pie a makeover through unique pie crust designs. Draw inspiration from these 23 crust decoration ideas: pinch, cut, roll, and fold to create a pie which will be sure to wow the crowd. If you’re looking for an alternative to pie, our Market also sells fresh Wisconsin-made honey. Make some chewy honey oatmeal cookies to spread a warm smile across the faces of your guests.

No matter whom you share the holiday with, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all of the wonderful moments of the past year, and within our lives as a greater whole. Here in West Allis, we are thankful for our wonderful vendors, as well as the shoppers who come and support the Market. Make sure to enjoy the holiday and recount something you too are thankful for.

Warm wishes, and see you at the market!