What’s at the Market: Friday, Nov. 3 2017

November has just started! This is the last month the West Allis Farmers Market will be open for the season, so make sure to visit while you can. There are still countless varieties of fresh produce, bakery goods, syrups, honeys, ciders, and meats for you to sample and buy.

carrots and potatoes west allis farmers market
Potatoes and carrots are still available at the Market.

Looking for an easy side dish that will not only enhance every meal, but is affordable, filling, and nutritious? Pick up some fresh, locally grown carrots, potatoes, and garlic at the market this weekend, and make a simple garlic roasted potatoes and carrot side dish. This dish is excellent with steak, but can also accompany chicken or fish dishes as well. Or, for the busier person, follow this recipe to make a delicious slow cooker pot roast: just throw the ingredients in, adjust the heat and time, and it’s good to go. Do errands, chores, or relax while your dinner slowly cooks and fills your home with the aroma of a hearty home-cooked meal.  The best meals are those made with natural, healthy ingredients. The West Allis Farmers Market is your local destination to find the freshest produce.

As the temperature drops, cold season begins to dawn on us. Dr. James Steckelberg of the Mayo Clinic claims that honey has natural properties which help to treat colds and their symptoms. Filled with antioxidants, honey is said to cure sore throats and soothe coughs, not to mention it tastes delicious. Several of our vendors sell all natural Wisconsin-made honey- the perfect remedy for those November blues.

Sip some  apple cider as you shop, and maybe bring a gallon or two home with you! The West Allis Farmers Market will be open until Nov. 25, Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon until 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 1 – 6 p.m.

See you at the Market!