What’s at the Market: September 22, 2017

Happy First Day of Fall from the West Allis Farmers Market – although it sure doesn’t feel like it, with temperatures hitting 90 degrees today! It’s going to be a warm weekend, so visit the Market tomorrow to get some veggies, meat, honey, and more for your weekend cookout.

With this late-season gift of warm summer weather, you can still find ripe, juicy, sweet watermelons and muskmelons at the Market. Make a simple salad with cut up melon, fresh mint, a drizzle of olive oil, and garnish with best quality balsamic vinegar and a salty cheese, such as feta. It’s a refreshing light meal or side dish on a warm night, and provides a good dose of vitamins A and C.

carrots West Allis Farmers Market

Keep your eyes peeled for sweet yellow carrots at the Farmers Market. This delicious carrot variety is wonderful roasted. Slice them raw and toss them with orange carrots for a colorful addition to a lettuce salad. Carrots of any variety are also great for quick pickling or canning. For storage, remove any green tops to prevent water loss, and your carrots will keep fresh in the refrigerator up to two weeks.

As September winds down, we want to remind everyone that this is National Honey Month! Fresh, locally produced honey is sold at the West Allis Farmers Market. Honey is a natural sweetener, and according to the Wisconsin Honey Producers, an excellent source of carbohydrates to provide energy. Honey can be added to tea and coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, and add subtle sweetness to baked goods and savory dishes. If your honey crystalizes in its container, don’t throw it away! You can place it in a warm water bath to loosen it once again.

Finally, we have two upcoming events at the Market to look forward to: the MilwaukeeFood.com Traveling Food Truck Tour makes its last stop at the Market next Wednesday, Sept. 27 from 4 – 9 p.m., and the WA/WM Chamber of Commerce’s Porktoberfest is getting ready to pig out on Oct. 5. 

See you at the Market!