What’s at the Market: September 15, 2017

We hope you’re enjoying the extra bit of summer weather we’ve gotten this week! Saturday is supposed to be 85 and sunny, so it will be a busy and beautiful day at the West Allis Farmers Market.

You’ll still find plenty of summer squashes at the Market but winter squashes are also abundant and very inexpensive. Pick up some tomatoes at the Market to saute with garlic and fresh basil for an easy pasta sauce to top fresh spaghetti squash. Low carb, gluten free, low fat, and so good for you! 

Luscious, dark purple Italian eggplants are at the Market, and you’ll find them in every size and even some unique varieties, like graffiti eggplants, Chinese and Japanese eggplants, and baby eggplants. Eggplants are wonderful sponges for other flavors, and are delicious in lasagnas, grilled for sandwiches, or roasted to bring out their flavor. Try one of these 17 delicious eggplant recipes this weekend! 

westons apple orchard at west allis farmers market
Weston’s Antique Apple Orchard at West Allis Farmers Market

Crisp, fresh apples are sold by several vendors at the Market, as is fresh apple cider. Try a new variety of apple and give them a spin in a savory recipe instead of a baked item. Apples are delicious pared with pork and wonderful in salads. Try a high-protein chicken salad made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo, and toss in some diced apples and your favorite nuts for a cool sandwich during this warm weather. 

Don’t forget that maple syrup, honey, eggs, and fresh meats are also for sale, and you’ll also find baked goods, popcorn, and other prepared foods to enjoy. See you at the Market!