What’s at the Market: Oct. 6, 2017

West Allis Farmers Market
West Allis Farmers Market, Sept. 28 2017

Fall weather is back this weekend, and if you’re craving crisp autumn apples, spicy cider, and savory squash, get to the West Allis Farmers Market this weekend!

Our Market is open through November 25, so you have plenty of time to enjoy delicious late-season produce. 

Pumpkins are now at the Market and while it may be a bit early to carve those Halloween jack o’lanterns, you can enjoy these beauties in your fall decorating. White pumpkins, small gourds, and pumpkins ideal for using in baking and cooking are in. Try stuffing small pumpkins with savory fillings; here are some recipes to get you started.

It’s a pepper lovers paradise at the Market right now, too. Peppers of all shapes and sizes are available, and larger bell peppers, ideal for stuffing West Allis Farmers Marketwith your favorite meat, grain, or cheese filling, are available. The Wisconsin Farmers Market Association advises picking peppers that “are firm, glossy, and well-shaped.” Peppers will continue pouring into the Market until first frost.

Apples are the hot item at the Market right now, with countless varieties of familiar and unique apples to try. Find a copy of the current Edible Milwaukee to learn more about Weston Antique Apples, a long time Farmers Market vendor with a fascinating family history. While at the Market, pick up large bags of “seconds” from our apple vendors to use for making homemade apple sauce. Try this timeless recipe from Bon Appetit.

Whatever your fall favorites are, you’ll find them at the Market!